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Monday, October 20, 2008

Updating Previous Events (cont)

The English Garden (August)

Besides painting, my other interest is ID. I had an opportunity to design an english garden concept for a client. It was a small, partially-roofed deck area which calls mainly for container garden. Most of the garden accessories are from Indahreka Cipta and of course the plaque Le Jardin Anglais, the english garden in french was painted by me. Enjoy the pictures!

Wanita Hari Ini (September)
I was invited to be featured in TV3 Wanita Hari Ini with Azlin, owner of Indah Rekacipta about painting on furniture last 8 September. That was my first experience in a live telecast programme. It was only a 10minute segment, therefore much that I wanted to share couldn't be said. But it was a fruitful one as subsequently there were many callers interested to learn. Indah Rekacipta will organise a series of painting workshops next year, hopefully. For those who are not familiar with the name Indahreka, they are a wholesaler in house decor items especially furniture, situated at Section 27 shah alam. Have a look at the screen behind me. Those who watched TV3'Semanis Kurma' on thursdays during the fasting month would have noticed the white furniture painted with floral design, sponsored by Indah rekacipta .

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Updating Previous Events

I have missed updating certain events since last July. Here they are:

Vicky Nicholson workshop (July)
Craft Haven organised a workshop for decorative painters last July at Da Vincci Art Centre, the Curve. It was still about roses, but totally different technique and style. This is my 2nd workshop conducted by foreign decorative artist, last year I attended one by Sandra Smithers which mainly covered usage of different mediums to painting.
This time, besides learning the technique of strokes for the rose, we learned about using Magic Mix in painting, background and the roses too. Like the word says, it is like magic! Now I manage to achieve a smoother texture of strokes, especially painting larger size of roses and leaves. And it helps in doing a gradual shading to the background.

Though the course fee was quite steep, it is a lot more money saved than for me to go to Australia to learn a small project like this one. It was really value for money as I feel I have learned a lot and gained painting tips from Vicky, and has applied it to my recent paintings. I hope we will see you again in the near future, Vicky.

Congratulations Craft Haven for the success of the programme and hope that you will bring in more artists teachers from abroad next year. I had a wonderful time with other fellow decorative artists, met old friends and made new ones.

Art Demo at Amcorp Mall. (August)

I was invited to do a demo on decorative painting during the MERDEKA Carnival at Amcorp Mall. Nora and I turned up with our books for sale and some items as samples as we did not have the time to paint on short notice, or rather i did not have things for sale, Nora managed to paint a couple of plaques. Turn out was not good, probably it was too early (11am on a saturday), but I gained the experience and met some people interested in this field. And proud to see my name on the 'Events for today' board for the Merdeka Carnival, as soon as we entered the mall.. Yeah!