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Friday, April 30, 2010

Students' projects

These are recent students' projects. They are happy, I'm happy too!

pink flamingo
tulips on faux vedigris background

Roses on 'balang'

Indahnya Folkart Workshop Series 7

Last Saturday 24th April 2010, Aniza , Nora and I conducted
the 7th workshop of Indahnya Folkart organized by LAMAN of Karangkraf. About 40 participants attended this time and everyone seems happy with their achievement for the day. To the participants who are viewing this, thank you for your participation and hope to see you at the next workshop (for DAPUR on 3rd July and an intermediate level for LAMAN which already is in the pipeline and dates will be informed soonest possible.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Decorative Painting Book (BM version)

Hooray! Alas our Decorative Painting book which was out about 2 years ago has now the Bahasa Malaysia version. The cost is RM31 and can be purchased at MPH and Popular bookstores nationwide.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cutlery box

The recent box I painted with cutlery designs
and again tea set.


The easiest way, for me, to inspire myself when thinking of designs is to paint the things that I like. Other than my love for collecting teacups and teapots I love to collect anything that has butterflies (papillon in french) print, be it Portmerion set of china or scarfs and clothes or even wrapping paper and such. I love to watch butterflies every morning in my small garden as I water the plants. It will be a start of a beautiful day.
So I started to paint butterflies, on cloth, furniture and other small wooden and tin items. Friends who share the same interest makes it easier for me to paint for them. The paintings shown are things belonging to friends.

Painting on cloth

The beauty of decorative painting is that one can paint on almost anything by using the same acrylic paint and just adding the different medium. In this case painting on cloth needs the textile medium as an additive to the existing paint.

I have painted on tea-towels before as shown in the earlier topics. Recently two friends Zubaidah and Yatie came out with a brilliant idea by asking me to paint on pieces of cloth and they patch them up to become a curtain! Here are some pictures of the pieces of material and the sewn curtain.

DAPUR Impiana Workshop I

Dapur Impiana of Karangkraf Group will be organizing a workshop on decorative painting (Bengkel Pesona Folkart) on Saturday 3rd July 2010. This will be the first workshop for Dapur and as the name of this magazine implies, the series of workshops planned are focused on painting of things in the kitchen like fruits, vegetables, bread n buns, teapots and teacups and such on kitchen utensils. As a first workshop, the project is a basic one ie painting of fruits and flowers on a chopping board. Again Aniza, Nora and I will be there to guide you. So hurry and sign up for the upcoming workshop.
See you there!