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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am so excited to show my student's (Zuraihan) project although it is just half-way done. She is painting things of her belongings scattered on a table and viewed from top elevation.

Besides the cup of tea on lace doiley, there will be a chocolate on the side.

Other things on the table will be a bunch of car-keys, a handphone and stack of letters.


When you can paint, there can be always something you can bring to friends on their invitation to occassions and ceremonies.

The hang-plaque I plan to give to a friend for tomorrow's morning coffee at her house.

This door-hang with 'open' and 'close' writings was a gift for my friend when I went to a tea party for the opening ceremony of her English Deco shop.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Colour Combinations

I tried some colour combinations producing these roses.

Try blending Napthol Red Light and Burgundy with Smoked Pearl for the roses. Shade with Burgundy and highlight with Warm White.

Maybe some of you have tried this before but if you have not, do try for a sweet coloured rose.

The Prime Gift

I am honoured when a friend, Saniah who is also a fellow decorative artist has asked me to paint something that she wanted to give to our First Lady at a Charity Function.

So here is a keepsake box which I painted flowers of the all-time favourites, the roses.

I hope you like it Datin Seri.

KL International Book Fair

The 30th Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair was held at PWTC for 2 weeks last April 2011. We were at Utusan Publications booth on 24th April, to participate in the promotion of our earlier book on Decorative Painting, 'Amaze Yourself with Stunning Projects' and its translated version to Bahasa Malaysia, 'Kagumkan Diri Anda dengan Projek Menawan'.

People drop by to see us doing some demo painting and we had a surprise! Guess who visited our booth? The Deputy Education Minister, YB Dr Puad Zarkashi was doing his visits at the fair and dropped by our booth, I can say, quite impressed by what we are doing. Yeay! Its a lucky thing we had some ready-made items handy, to present him with our painted souvenir.