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Friday, February 26, 2010

Liyana's Engagement Ceremony

The bride-to-be

How time flies..... my baby girl is engaged to be married. Such a joy and we had so much fun planning and preparing our own decor for the ceremony with help from friends and family. Liyana did her own hantaran. Here are some photographs to share

The mini-pelamin for sarung cincin

The table setting

The hantaran

Stylish bookmarks

Cakes, cookies, crackers serving ways

It may be too late for Raya, Christmas or even Chinese new year, but here are some things I painted for your next table serving ideas.

ordinary tins, painted, ideal for crackers, biscuits and such

My friend Shidah serves her keropok/tumpi/rempeyek in this beautiful tin. Kak Masnah uses it as a vase for her table centrepiece floral arrangement.

cake stand, tissue box and cookie bottle holder in pink and green

You can have a matching table set for serving cookies and cakes.

cake cover

Plain glass cake cover can be made more attractive with some flowers painted on it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

You light up my life.......

Sorry, not you darlings.... but these pretty candles. There is actually a special candle medium that you have to use when painting candles. From my experience, no varnishing required but leave it to cure couple of days before handling/using them.

Jansen's painting tapestry florals

I learned from my friend Aniza to paint Jansen's painting style and attempted on a 3-leaf screen. It took me couple of practices to get into the style and it was enjoyable doing the screen. It turned out beautiful, so says the customer, my dear Kak Masnah. She loves it. Look even better at her house complement by her beautiful house and nice collection of decorative things.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Family day gifts

My family of 14 siblings and our children have our annual Family Day since a couple of years ago. During these special times we normally exchange gifts. my gift to my siblings last year were tea-towels with hand painted teacups and teapots.

In 2007, my gifts were more personalised; bringing them down to memory lane as I have their childhood photographs, photographs of our old house in Kedah and such all printed like stamps and decoupaged on to a box, enhanced with minimal painting. unfortunately I have lost most of the pictures when my laptop was stolen. Here are some that I still have to show.