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Friday, January 23, 2009

Painting Again

Wow! It was quite a long painting break but surprisingly I did not miss it when I was in Mekah. Now that Im back home that I feel I need to get hold of the brush.
I have started painting again, even before the new year. Infact I was painting on new years eve!

Currently I am trying to complete some unfinished projects at home, and has also been commissioned to paint at the 2 usual places. If you are interested to buy painted furniture do visit my friends' showrooms at Indahreka Cipta at Section 27 Shah Alam and Junes Furniture at Bandar Baru Selayang. You can also get unpainted furniture and some other small decorative items there.

My art classes commenced about a month ago, every thursdays and fridays. Lakshmi, hope i can manage the old fashioned rose before your next lesson.
Here are some pictures of the newly painted stuff.

Back from Mekah

Its been a month since I came back from the Haj pilgrimage in Mekah al Mukaramah. Everyone has their own story and experience. Words couldn't really express the soul experience and spiritual journey that I had; my feelings between me and Allah but it was such wonderful and unique feeling, all I can just say is that I want to go again and again and again- be it umrah or haj and I wish to take my 5 girls there some day....AMIIN.

It was good meeting and making friends with muslim from all over the world, manage to communicate though we speak different languages, be one of the almost 4million people there, getting to pray in congregation in masjid nabawi and masjidil haram, aware but still amazed as how we pray the same way though we are from different countries, background etc and experience performing the total haj ibadah learning faith and patience. I was also down with fever and cough for a long time but got better towards the end of my stay. I can go on and on...

On the physical experience, as usual I know how to enjoy myself wherever i go. We visited historical places, I had fun shopping for souvenirs, getting books and Qur'an, admiring beautiful sejadah, tasted some saudi food and meet up some Malaysian friends for coffee. While walking through one of the shopping area I spotted some interesting tromplleil paintings. Have not had the time to find out about Arab painting tradition, probably one of you friends and readers could highlight me! Here are the pictures of the paintings on walls of the arcade.

So now im back home more refreshed and energized than ever and has started painting after 10 days of rest; guess the longer I wait to start work, the jetlag seems could go on and on.