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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Little paintings on little things

Serving table

It is always handy to have extra side tables or trolleys especially during festive season when you are entertaining guests and would need additional tables for putting glasses and cups or serving desserts.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Yatie's Kitchen

Yatie's kitchen (Kitchen with a difference February 20th, 2010) was featured in the recent July-September issue Dapur magazine.

Dapur Impiana workshop1

Bengkel Sehari Pesona Folkart organised by Dapur Impiana was held on 3rd July 2010. This is the first of the series that is planned for Dapur workshops. The painting was on chopping board/placemats with fruits design.

Mangkuk Setangan

At home we call it the mangkuk setangan in Malay or more well known as kendi air, maybe a hand bowl in English or wash bowl? These are old style of aluminium ones which are painted with roses design. Definitely suitable for coming Raya with eating of ketupat, rendang and such. Always taste better eating with hands.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bird Houses and other garden ornaments

Enhance your garden with garden ornaments, especially those that can be painted. Some may be afraid to display things outside in rain and shine, but through my experience these painted items go a long way. This spade and watering can has been in my garden for 5years. The dust and rust makes it even more beautifully antiqued and distressed.
That just proves that the acrylic paint and varnish we use does last. However, you must ensure that the material used are those that can stand some time of rain and shine, like tin, aluminium, certain wood but definitely NEVER MDF. Those are strictly for indoors.
Of course there are certain things that will just wear off and destroyed after couple of years. then, paint yourself a new one!


Beware golfers! We have ventured to the golf course. My sister in law painted this on my brother's golf club. Amazing ideas of painting!

Phnom Pehn Trip

Like the birthday celebration wasn't enough, some of us continued celebrating with a trip to Phnom Pehn! We were there from 19th to 23rd July and had tremendous fun, visiting palace and temples, historical places, took boat ride on Mekong river, savour the food, relaxed with foot n body massage, and best of all SHOPPING. It was more of the companion we had of each other that made the trip an enjoyable one. There were adventures with our ride on the 'tut-tut' that got stuck when we went over a bump which was either too high or we were overweight! haha! We ended having to come down and help push the tut-tut over the bump which made half the town laughing!. We were also caught in their flood after a heavy rain, having to walk back to the hotel when tut-tut couldn't pass through the floody area.