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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Little paintings on little things


Zahirah Zaharuddin said...

Salam kak,
This is my new link for my blog:

OliveBlue said...

Okay Zahirah, noted. Selamat Hari RAya

Anonymous said...


i bought your book some time ago and now i stumbled ur blog.

i am really interested to join your class . how do i go about it ya?

Roziah Hani said...

Salam Puan, Saya berminat utk belajar FA dengan puan. Sebelum ni, saya belajar dengan dgn Pn. Norana hampir 10 sesi dah. So, harap dpt menuntut ilmu dengan puan pulak. Saya tinggal di Putrajaya. How can I contact u? My phone no is 019-4120749. Tqvm. Roziah, Putrajaya.

Roziah Hani said...

Salam puan. Saya berminat utk belajar FA dengan puan. Sblm ni saya mengikuti kelas dengan Pn. Norana hampir 10 sesi. How can I contact u? Tqvm. Roziah Hani, 019-4120749

OliveBlue said...

Hello Anonymous Friend and Roziah Hani,
Thank you for your interest. I conduct weekly classes in my home. For details, please call me at 0173144532. Right now classes takes a break until after my daughter's wedding on 5th November. Keep in touch!

Blossom inch said...

Hi! Kak, I really love your art work. Please hop on to my blog to see my hobby. By the way, I am starting this folk art class with Ms Lakshmi soon.

OliveBlue said...

Dear Blossom Inch
I had a peep at your interesting block.Good to hear you are starting folkart with Lakshmi soon. Happy painting!