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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Children's Apparels

Before painting, I use to design and sew little girls dresses. During that time I have models in the house ie my Safiyya and Ayesha and my little nieces. Now they are not little girls anymore and Hannah got all the hand -me-downs. I made only party dresses and I still keep them for Hannah to wear at parties or dinner functions and for memories sake. Since Hannah was born, I gave up sewing because of my fear of handling scissors, pins and needles while having a small baby crawling about. It was then that I took up painting.

Testing the market was great experience. Initially I managed to display the dresses for sale through a pharmacy. There were only 10 dresses then. Within 2 weeks, 8 were sold. That was encouraging. Later I supplied to some boutiques within Klang Valley.

In 2007 during Hannah's slumber party. her sisters organised a fashion parade as one of the activities and Hannah and her friends are taking the runway with my designs!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Breakfast with painting pals

This morning Aniza, Nora and I visited Zan in her new home. So much to talk about, painting and our wonderful lives and probability of conducting painting workshops in Kuwait. Wow that's something to look forward to. Zan our friend whom we got to know through our shared interest in painting, lives in Kuwait. She's back for a while and we meet to catch up on things.

Zan use to be my friend, Oyah's decorative painting teacher long time ago, even before I got started. I look up her website and find her painting fantastic and her sharing of knowledge in painting was really handy and practical. Then 2 years ago, my friend continued learning from me. Aniza and Nora have met Zan earlier, and during one of the makan-makan at Nora's we were introduced.

We are planning to have a joy painting session together before she leaves for Kuwait.

Monday, March 23, 2009

LAMAN Workshop 5 & 6

Get hold of LAMAN Impiana March/April 2009 issue to register for the upcoming decorative workshop series 5 (25 July 2009) and series 6 (15 August 2009). We will still be doing the basic project of 3 simple flowers on a plaque/placemat. Hope to see you there.

Disneyland, where dreams come true....

Hannah and I went to Hongkong during the last school holidays. The peak of the trip was of course Disneyland, not only Hannah's dream but my dream since I was 10yrs old, come true. We had lots of fun, enjoying the ambiance, going for the rides, watching their endless performances and experiencing real life disney characters (lucky they have not grown older, still the same as I pictured them 40 yrs ago, heh heh) and sighting the most beautiful fireworks at the end of the day. Hannah's cousins were there too and that was double fun for her! Triple fun she said.

In hongkong, we went around town. Some art work at the mall again attract my eyes. This time its watercolor painting of buildings.

And in Shenzen, China there was a painting of colorful chinese middle-eastern like design which I saw during our dinner at a muslim restaurant.

Because of the sunny and cool climate, the flowers bloom beautifully. These pictures inspire me to capture the flowers into my painting.