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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Breakfast with painting pals

This morning Aniza, Nora and I visited Zan in her new home. So much to talk about, painting and our wonderful lives and probability of conducting painting workshops in Kuwait. Wow that's something to look forward to. Zan our friend whom we got to know through our shared interest in painting, lives in Kuwait. She's back for a while and we meet to catch up on things.

Zan use to be my friend, Oyah's decorative painting teacher long time ago, even before I got started. I look up her website and find her painting fantastic and her sharing of knowledge in painting was really handy and practical. Then 2 years ago, my friend continued learning from me. Aniza and Nora have met Zan earlier, and during one of the makan-makan at Nora's we were introduced.

We are planning to have a joy painting session together before she leaves for Kuwait.


D'Rimba said...

Indah rumah, rumah siapa tu?

D'Rimba said...

Setiap kali tengok blog ni pasti tertarik dengan lukisan tu buat sendirike? geramje macam nak pergi lawatje...heeeeeeeee

rozie yusof-azlan said...

Salaam...Thnks for the information..my house dkt Seksyn 27juga but stay there only for July&Aug...Yes..kenal Nora bila I happen to find her blog and than yours and Aniza too..Nora send me an autograph book and last Nov..I manage to attend a few of her classes..I am short of time then and ever but I enjoyed it..she suggests to attend some of yours to learn the variety of folk art..I belajar to learn something new otherwise I am doing housework ha..ha..itupun tak complete..Love the work of the 3 of you..Bravo.. Thnks again..

D'Rimba said...

Jom jenguk koleksi seramik putih di blog saya..........