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Monday, October 26, 2009

Old chair new stool

Kak Masnah sent me this old chair. She said she wanted it transformed to something usable and she likes the painting with some crackling and antique looking.

Took me a while to think of a design. Finally, inspired by Jo Sonja's Chinoiserie painting, I painted the chair or rather the stool [since its without a backrest] a background of Black Berry with pink, purple and blue flowers with Opal instead of the Whites. The centre of the stool is crackled Opal over the Black Berry and painted with monochromatic scenery.

Pretty in blue

After painting so much on white furniture, June and I agree to make a change. by moving to blue coloured background. Fully blue cupboard would be too overwhelming, so we concentrate on portions of blue and left the rest of the cupboard white.

Pink flowers go very well and sweet on blue.

A more subtle effect are white flowers on antiqued blue.

The blue in these pictures are shades of what I call Olive Blue.

Book Promotion at POPULAR book store

We had the usual book promotion at Popular bookstore at the Curve on 1st August 2009. The 3 of us took turns with the demo on decorative painting. Now our books are available at Popular, The Curve

Indoor Garden

The concept of indoor gardens in a home is having a landscape in a certain area of the house which is soothing to the eye and relaxing to the mind. you can enjoy the lush greens, colourful flowers and beautiful garden ornaments.

By painting, similar objectives are achieved, maybe a little further too as imagination can put anything in a painting. There is a customer who loves garden scenery that has it on her amoir in her bedroom so that she can enjoy the garden even while she rests in the night.

Note: the postbox with No.23 on the painted envelope is a student's project.


During one of the morning coffee in my home with Kak Masnah [our adorable sister in life], Aniza and Nora, we stumbled upon an interesting discovery about ourselves. 42yrs ago, in 1967, I was schooling at St. Nicholas Convent, Alor Star in Std 1. Little that I know that during that time I have a senior in Std 2 whom I will meet later in my life ie...... none other than my painting buddy NORA! In 1968 my Dad was transferred back to Muar. Johore so I did not get to 'meet' ANIZA who also happened to be in the same school in 1969. Nora was still there though. So that makes the 3 of us the SNCees. It is serendipity that we meet later in our lives through decorative painting.

Sound of silence

Hmmm, I know I have been quiet and hiding somewhere. I have excuses like busy with my 3rd daughter enrolling into varsity, then our laptops were stolen. But Safiyyah has settled in campus and I have bought a new laptop 2mths ago, so I guess it's poor excuse. Ha ha! However. I have been painting a lot and will share them as I update. See ya!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


On Saturday 25 July 2009, the three of us again conducted the fifth workshop organised by Laman Impiana of Karangkraf Group at Carlton Hotel, Shah Alam. There were 40 turnouts this time. The programme is still tailored for the basic decorative painting. Then on 15 August, another workshop [sixth] was held at Karangkraf office in Shah Alam. We have planned with the editors of Laman to start the intermediate programmes next year , still continuing the basic programme and also may introduce project-based programmes

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A different perspective

As folkart has spread and diversed into decorative painting, the painting style can be just ANYTHING as creative as you can think of. My daughters are not so much into flowers and sweet lolly designs and told me what they like. So here they are... shoes, handbags, perfume bottles silhouttes on contrasting background adding ribbons, lace, prints, stripes or polkadots. Turned out chic..! Im pleased!