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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nora, Aniza and I

How I met Nora
In year 2002, Zainon, a friend who started with glass painting took me to a little, cute but amazing decor and art&craft shop, Home Pride owned by Datin Rose and Nora. Found out that they have been having art classes since the past 2 years. Where was I then!!!!???
Ironically, I have met Nora before in 2000 when she visited my sister who happened to be an old friend of hers. And I was there during my confinement when I had my fifth child. I knew Nora only for her needlework skills then.
Of course, I signed up for classes at Home Pride; Sandy was teaching at that time and when she left for Australia, we continued with Nora.

How I met Aniza
I went for Rosemaling (Norwegian art) class conducted by Aniza at Zahir's shop, Craft Cottage. When we met, we both excitedly said to each other 'Hey, I've heard about you before'. Apparently, our mutual friend, Intan (an expert with ribbon embroidery) has been telling us about our shared interest. I am honoured that someone so experienced in this field heard about me. I took up more lessons from her. Now and then I still go to her to upgrade my skill and knowledge.

Currently, Nora, Aniza and I jointly conduct workshops organised by Laman Impiana and together we developed a book on decorative painting. Watch out for our book 'Amaze Yourself With Stunning Projects' which should be released by mid this year.


Nora's Touch said...

Hey dear....great start here hehe....and to all the rest viewing this...Zaitun, Aniza and I...we are now friends for life...InsyaAllah...still painting and envying each others' work for as long as the will desires...

OliveBlue said...

Hey, at last i did it huh! Thanks for encouraging me

Hayati said...

hey..the bekas beras tu looks familiar ye. so cantik!

OliveBlue said...

ehem! tengoklah siapa punya, mesti your rice taste better now kan?