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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Olive Blue Treat

It was a pleasant surprise last 4th of July when my daughters threw me a surprise birthday party. They planned it all, told me they have their activities with friends and get their Aunty Shidah, a dear friend of mine to guide. I was overwhelmed with joy! Didn't know at this 'tender' age of mine that I have the most wonderful party, ever, at a very special place with special food accompanied with door gifts and Oliveblue theme and presents from friends. Thank you so much everyone especially my 5 beautiful babies, who made this day a very special and wonderful memory that I cherish and treasure. I love you all.


maklang said...

salam kak...

I love your paintings...

terigin nak belajar but kat sini tak ada, nak cari barang2 kat mana pun tak tau!

OliveBlue said...

Barang- barang boleh dibeli dari Craft Haven 1 Utama Damansara, Creative Cottage AmCorp Mall Petaling Jaya, Art Friend The Gardens Midvalley.