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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blue and White Collection

Contact Shidah Noor to buy the following collection of blue and white items. 0192283083 or 0356388845

My friend Shidah is all so crazy for blue and white collectibles. She has started using blue and white china since a long time ago when very few within our circle of friends, or probably amongst the locals, learn to appreciate them. She now sells these blue and white china and other decorative items in blue and white designs like cushions, curtains, table cloths etc. She also has nice white laces to enhance the blue and white collection.
Shidah has asked me to advertise in my blog as I do paint blue and white designs too . Anyone interested on these blue and white items shown can directly contact Shidah Noor at 0192283083 or 0356388845. Hurry. call her and you can get some free decorative tips from her. As a result of these interest, it has brought me to find out more on Blue and White history.

Blue and White china are evergreen collectors items of porcelain vases, tablelamps, cups and saucers and the rest of tea or dinner sets. Besides having them as decorative items in the house, many also use them regularly for daily meal servings. Blue and White ware in Chinese 'qing-hua' literally 'Blue flowers' designate white pottery/ porcelain decorated under the glaze with a blue pigment, generally cobalt oxide. The earliest invention was in the Middle East in the 9th century through the decorative experimentation on white wares. The first China blue and white wares also started in the 9th century in Henan Province China. It was tracked back to the Tang Dynasty where those were primitive blue and white products. It was then well developed in the Yuan Dynasty. These were the start and has influenced the Islamic and European designs. By the beginning of the 17th century (that was the century that folkart also came about), the blue and white wares were directly exported to Europe and America. European manufacture of blue and white porcelain started in Germany in 1707 and the early wares has strong influence by chinese and oriental patterns. Many European countries followed this trend. The factory in England produced a style known an Chinoiserie and also followed the manufacturer in Delft Netherlands has resulted in the English Delftware.

The current blue and white wares are combination of the above history at one time or another, with high-end designs by Spode, Churchill, Johnson Brothers, Royal Doulton etc and the lower range are regular porcelain with no significant brand names from abroad or locally produced which are also beautifully designed. Our very own local Air Hitam, Johore ceramics have been famous for its blue and white and other designs and colours.

Here are pictures of blue and white porcelain by Spode.
There are also coordinated blue and white cushions in roses and toille designs. A dash of white lace here and there gives a soft touch to the setting /arrangement.

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