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Monday, August 30, 2010

50th Birthday Bash

I had the most enjoyable time with my school friends of Convent Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ), Muar,Class of 77 as we celebrated our 50th birthday together last 10th July at KLGCC, Damansara. We have been friends since Std 1 in 1967 (I joined in Std 2 when I moved from Alor Star) and some of us have been classmates right up to Form5. Among those present were teachers, Headmistress Sister Marie Therese and Assistant Headmistress Mrs D Cruz. Some seniors and juniors joined in too that made the night even more special.

Everyone was busy registering and happy to catch up with old friends and taking pictures together. We started the night with singing our Convent School song. While having the western dinner the game started as we all have to leave by 12 midnight and there were so much in store for the night. There were games, singing our birthday song and blowing the candles as each hold a cup cake. And not forgetting lots of lucky draws.We also made a collection of donation to help a child of one of us.

The highlight of the night was the line up of contestants for the title Miss Fabulous50. Miss Sexy and Miss Congeniality. Judges were 3 people, a teacher, a senior and a guest for the night. Each contestant was required to interestingly answer a question by the DJ to win the title. Finally the titles respectively went to Mary Anne, Lay Hua and surprisingly yours truly!!

Agnes performed solo on a few Chinese numbers

My friends Lay Hua, Kat, Julie, Lee Hoon, Gennie and I performed the Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen dance. We practiced for 2 months at weekends and jam up at Mary Anne's place. My daughters helped choreograph the dance and trained us. The rehearsals and practice were better than this actual one but we still entertained everyone! Guess we got stage fright as the last performance we had was during teachers' day way back in 1977!

Mary Anne performed a solo of Tina Turner. Very entertaining, look at the crowd watching in awe!

Another performance was an impromptu, calling the seniors and juniors for a dance to a Hindustani song Kuch kuch hota hei. My sis is the one in blue/purple attire. Turned out so well and fun, we had so much laughs!

And we, students and teachers dance till midnight. Well, Cinderellas have to go home before midnight!

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elichong said...

I'm Elizabeth Chong, your junior at CHIJ Muar and stumbled onto your blog while trying to find lyrics for our school song. I'm from the 1979 batch and so far, efforts to meet are not so fruitful but abt 16 of us will be catching up next saturday! Enjoyed reading your post & viewing the pic! You all look great! :D